понедељак, 30. јануар 2012.

The January slow motion / THe January rewind

1 January = making wish list and recape the last year

3 January = walk around the town where I was born ( NIS)

4 January = RELAXING time

5 January = Supermarket lunch ( Thailand food for the first time )with my friends ( Hometown Belgrade)

 6 January = SUnset love from my balcony and..

relaxing in the city and all around...:-))

12 January again in my Nis lunch in new mall Forma with my mum.
 ( Monument restoran )PS.THey have great italian food!

        13. januar 1 St Blog BIRTHDAY :_))

17 January = Belgrade"s buzzing 

21 January = Mala fabrika ukusa
( sweet little sin called Snenokle)


 and me

 25 January= January if officaly month of holidays, justified shopping and making empty wallet and cards

26 January = Cold winter time ( finally) staying at home :-))

27 January =:-)

28 January = Snow Time

All images are taken by Samsung Galaxy S II
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