Traditional Jordanian Dress


The national costume is a handmade dress with embroidered and cross-stitched patterns that represent the region of the country that the wearer comes from. For example, in northern Jordan, women wear black cotton dresses embroidered with multi-coloured triangles. Another type of traditional dress from Northern Jordan is called the Shirsh, which is a long outfit with tight sleeves and a decorated neckline and embroidered sides. In central Jordan, women wear dresses made from over 16 yards (ca. 16 meters) of fabric, with long, pointed sleeves measuring 10 feet (ca. 3.3 meters) in length. Blue panels are stitched around the sleeves and the hem of the dress.

Dress Jordanian national costume_ Black maxi dress Annia Beirut_shoes Zara_ bag Noah  by Noah 

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