Black is a colour of power and strenght


"Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy-but misterious. But above all black says this :"I don`t bother you, don`t bother me." Yohji Yamamoto

I love black colour, also I love a good coat. Perfect one. And if it is in black colour it is a win win combination. Star of this look is amazing handmade coat by serbian brand Kalasiris. This beautiful coat is geometrical shaped and you can wear it differently every time. You choose how you will style it. Also there is a twist. You can wear it as a short version or a long one. I can`t decide which I love more. This item become one my favorite for this seasson. Also you can find what other tresures Kalasiris has to offer <3

Coat Kalasiris_bag Mango_jeans Zara_sweater Mango_sunglasses Prada_boots Ferre Milano

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