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„It usually happens that a traveler goes to a famous place expecting a lot, and leaves disappointed and down. This happens with Athens, Rhine, St Peters Church in Rome. But then again, I went to Belgrade not expecting anything – the decorations, the sights, not even the joy or anything interesting – and now I am a victim of its seductive charm, and I have to leave it with utmost pain. This is a new feeling: to fall in love with a city.“

– Herbert Vivian

“The spirit of Belgrade is that feeling that you are at home, that you cannot be ruined because you are among your kind, that at any time you can borrow some change, love, a roof over your head and a necessary accomplice before dawn.


That spirit gives birth to bold verticals, new quarters arise, and old ones go to ruin, it bridges the rivers and clears the tangles of rusty tracks among whose thresholds you can see the grass sprouting, in order to give a clear view of rivers and the sky. It plays with architecture and urbanity laws.


Photographed from the air, this city will never attract a curious beauty collector, no matter how good the picture is.


Because it is not photogenic! But it can do something totally different – it will give you almost physical pain from nostalgia, even to those who spent only a few days walking its streets, just like an old picture of a lover can torture us to death.


The plan of its streets is somewhat similar to topographic map of our heart. This city will enchant us with its charm, but will never give up the secret code of this mysterious love, for which the cause is unknown. We will stay its voluntary captives forever, who among countless master-piece cities chose Belgrade to live their only life in.”

 Momo Kapor

 Belgrade is a magical city but you have to discover it for yourself. These are little things that made my day. I hope you enjoy it dear reader..

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