Fashion diaries: Hugo Skirt



Black and red  is just such a color scheme. The combination is inherently aesthetically powerful, with red's association with and representation of life, vigor, and fire, and black's dark, grounding force. And also it is my favorite combination of colors, despite I like black and white.

I found this perfect Hugo skirt and I love how they rebranded this amazing brand and went to a more youth and street style direction. This beautiful skirt has a graffiti patternd in red and white color.Can you remember the place from my winter post ? 

Yes it is Boem Bar in Belgrade with recognazible red car with open garden because finally we have spring weather.

"Blossom by blossom the spring begins."

Happy Spring everyone,

With love,

Blouse Roman_skirt Hugo (Boss line)_boots Zara_coat Mango_bag Stella McCartney 


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