Fashion diaries: Shine like a sun


“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.”
Joseph Addison 

 “Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch.”
Walt Whitman 

 As the years pass, I am coming more and more to understand that it is the common, everyday blessings of our common everyday lives for which we should be particularly grateful. They are the things that fill our lives with comfort and our hearts with gladness -- just the pure air to breathe and the strength to breath it; just warmth and shelter and home folks; just plain food that gives us strength; the bright sunshine on a cold day; and a cool breeze when the day is warm. Spring sunshine is my favorite one.I decided to make colorful outfit with gorgeous yellow color and add all the sunshine bright and warm colors like a little bit of orange and red. This Zara Cardigan was perfect for this combo.What do you think?

I wish you a beautiful sunshine day,

With love,


Jeans Zara_blouse HM_Cardigan Zara_necklace Patrizia Pepe_bag Trussardi first line_boots Isabel Marant_watch Cavalli


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