United Arab Emirates Travel Guide: Welcome to Dubai


Beautiful beaches, record-breaking attractions and experiences like no other – Dubai is the place to be in 2023. 

Dubai is full of contrasts. There's the glittering skyline of skyscrapers so tall they defy imagination. There is the modern collection of stores and eateries, offering every option a traveler could want. And then there are the luxurious hotels, ready to welcome even the most discerning traveler in style and excess. Then there's the desert with its rolling hills of sand stamped with the footprints of Arabian oryx and gazelles; the souks with their labyrinth of stalls, bins overflowing with a rainbow of spices; and the traditional abra boats ferrying riders across the Dubai Creek.  

The city, one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has sprouted up from its desert port beginnings to become a sprawling metropolis full of vibrant neighborhoods, record-setting buildings, and over-the-top shopping centers all in the last several decades. "There is something for everyone and everyone's pocket — if you’re looking for budget travel you can absolutely do it in Dubai."

 Today, Dubai can be fast and slow at the same time — a place to grab an avocado toast and relax on the beach, a place to appreciate a desert conservation reserve, and a place to shop 'til you drop, all in the same day. It's these contrasts that make Dubai one of the most dynamic and interesting cities in the world.

With love, Ivana

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