четвртак, 18. децембар 2014.

Tea ritual

I love to drink tea especially in these cold winter days.It is my favorite afternoon ritual. Fruit flavors with cinnamon are my favorite. What are your little winter rituals ?

недеља, 14. децембар 2014.

Black with the twist

Total black look with the twist.Main piece is black coat from fashion house Mona.My first choice was silver ring scarf and the second one red Marc Jacobs flats. What do you think?

понедељак, 08. децембар 2014.

Black and White Simplicity

Simply black and white photography. Eternal love.Analog camera vs Digital camera.Both.Magic Moment for a rainy Monday. Warm simplicity. Enjoy the start of new week.What are you Monday favorites?

четвртак, 04. децембар 2014.

Pink and Orange Colours Big Yes

ABO Shoes  are made for walking and for pure love. All combination is based on their colours and the beautiful hat from Ana Ljubinkovic store. Pink and orange wool scarf and pastel orange coat are my choices for cold days. I am not a big fan of winter and grey days so I always choose bright colors for winter and big smile. 
What are your favorite winter or december items?

Coat Sisley_ jeans Cortefiel_gloves_Patrizia Pepe_bag Michael Kors_scarf Benetton_hatAna Ljubinkovic_ Shoes ABO Shoes