четвртак, 05. март 2015.

Champs Elysees Paris

I am not really in Paris, actually I am in my hometown Belgrade, but this address is written on my fashionable t-shirt from Zara store.You know me.I`m totally addicted to coats, bags of all sizes and shirts with cool inscriptions.I prefer black or white shirts with cool and smart quotes or with stripes.And if you mix it with some statement piece of  jewelry you have the Bingo :) Red coat is also a new member of my coat collection and red is one of the mid season trendy colour.So of you love the red colour wear it.

Coat and skirt Mark and Spencer _ Bag and sunnies  Michael Kors  _shirt and necklace Zara _ boots Nero Giardini

уторак, 03. март 2015.

Burgundy + plaid scarf

Last two month burgundy was my favorite colour and I mixed it with plaid scarf or with stripes or with both patterns. Also this coat from serbian fashion house "Mona" was my favorite winter purchase. I am kinda obsessed with coats and my collection is growing very fast.I am guilty but I love them. Perfect piece for fall and winter time if you chose some bright colour. 

Coat Modna kuca Mona_jeans Cortefiel_shirt,scarf and necklace Zara_boots Nero Giardini_bag Pinko_hat Stradivarius_sunnies Max&Co.

петак, 09. јануар 2015.

An Amazing Year Behind

An amazing year behind 2014. started at Switzerland .  After Switzerland my route took me through France and Germany with beautiful  Frankfurt am Main and Timisoara, Romania  to phenomenal summer in London,UK.. and neighborly town Podgorica and finally to my home in a charming Belgrade.
These are my favorite moments I wanted to share with you. What was your favorite place in 2014?