уторак, 28. октобар 2014.

Greenwich home to a World Heritage

Welcome to Greenwich, home to a World Heritage Site, Europe’s most successful entertainment arena, Britain’s first urban cable car, London’s oldest Royal Park and the place where hemispheres meet.

Internationally recognised as the home of time, Greenwich is also where to find the Prime Meridian of the World. Every place on Earth is measured from here.
You’ll never see it all in an afternoon, so stay for a few days, wander through some of London’s best museums, relax in a riverside pub and stroll in sensational scenery while you’re here. And come back soon! I had a great time. What do you think?

Shoes Clarks_jeans Zara_ bagMichael Kors_shirt Liu Jo_scarf gift_watch and sunnies Dolce and Gabbana_braclet Pandora

уторак, 21. октобар 2014.

Shoes Love

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."

These amazing shoes are from limited collection designed under the name of ABO .I am in love with them and they are my favorite par of shoes for this fall season. You can find more about them here.

уторак, 14. октобар 2014.

Late Afternoons Lately

Late afternoons through instagram. Cities:London,Belgrade and Timisoara.
Little sketches of my life that I share with you. You can find me on instagram Here. What makes you happy ?