петак, 21. новембар 2014.

Red Passion Inspiration

 I love jewelry, especially silver rings. So I immediately fall in love with this beauty when I found it on Invaluable platform. It is a platform for premier online auctions and a wonderful place to find great piecesA three stone cultured pearl ring,with rose cut was my choice. I imagined red dress and passion. Rainy London and long walks through the amazing architecture and mix of the black and red colours combined with some rock chic details. And this ring has that something magical so I would love to wear it in different occasions. Do you like it ?

уторак, 11. новембар 2014.

Falling leaves hide the path so quitely

 I love fall season and I love the colours of the leaves and falling leaves hide the path so quietly. My favorite colour is black and I love the quote : "New black is black". But this time I decided to spice it up with pastel blue blazer and statement necklace full of colours and I liked the final resault. What do you think?

 Blazer, Bag and Necklace Zara_ dress H&M, Shoes Clarks_wathc D&G_ sunnies Cassiuseyewear

четвртак, 06. новембар 2014.

Ghost People of Savamala

Savamala is an old block in Belgrade that used to be a hot spot in the old days that thrived of life. But now it is a roller coaster of nightlife and cultural part where artist try to rehabilitate the neighborhood. Good ghost people of Savamala are part of great project that includes different artist in try to alive the old buildings until the city make some serious changes.I love street art so I like these ghost people of Savamala and I used them like background of my latest post. What do you think? Do you like street art?

Boots & Shirt Zara_ Jeans&Blazer Cortefiel_scarf Aldo_ hat Lindex_braclet Coccinelle _watch Roccobarocco_bag Michael Kors

уторак, 04. новембар 2014.

So many reasons to Celebrate

My B day was on 31 of october but I couldn`t post earlier so b day post is here. I have so many reasons to celebrate and love the life not only on my b day but every day so I made a collage of instagram photos I made lately. Remember your small wishes and things that make you happy every day. What are your favorite reasons to celebrate ?

петак, 31. октобар 2014.

Design is thinking made visual

Design is thinking made visual.Make your home the perfect backdrop for the life lived inside.And interior design is making the best possible use of the available space.You know that I am an interior designer and graduated architect so I love furniture and design. I found amazing and a modern furniture store specialazing in contemporary and modern furniture Modani . Favorite space in my home is living room. So I made 2 mood boards for inspiration using two key pieces Onyx white sofa and in second one Black Monaco sitting set.All pieces are from Modani store. What do you think?

уторак, 28. октобар 2014.

Greenwich home to a World Heritage

Welcome to Greenwich, home to a World Heritage Site, Europe’s most successful entertainment arena, Britain’s first urban cable car, London’s oldest Royal Park and the place where hemispheres meet.

Internationally recognised as the home of time, Greenwich is also where to find the Prime Meridian of the World. Every place on Earth is measured from here.
You’ll never see it all in an afternoon, so stay for a few days, wander through some of London’s best museums, relax in a riverside pub and stroll in sensational scenery while you’re here. And come back soon! I had a great time. What do you think?

Shoes Clarks_jeans Zara_ bagMichael Kors_shirt Liu Jo_scarf gift_watch and sunnies Dolce and Gabbana_braclet Pandora