Summer in Serbia : Avala Tower


The Avala Tower is a 204.68 m tall telecommunications tower located on Mount Avala in Belgrade. The original tower was finished in 1965, but was destroyed on 29 april 1999, during the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. The tower`s reconstruction commenced on 21 december 2006 and it was officially opened on 21 april 2010.
The tower was designed by architects Ugljesa Bogunovic and Slobodan Janjic and engineer Milan Krstic. The tower weighed 4000 tones. Between 102 m and 135 m, there was an enclosed observation deck , entered at 122 m and reached via two quick elevators. It was the only tower in the world to have and equilateral triangle as its cross section, and one of very few towers not perched directly into the ground, but standing on its legs.     The legs formed a tripod, the symbol of Serbian tripod chair (tronozac). It is one of the small number of towers to be constructed in that manner.
The project, which was of high risk, was finished without any worker injuries or deaths, which was unusal for a project of its size.
Today the tourist complex is opened at the base of the tower. It includes, among other facilities a restaurant, ethno-gallery, souvenir shop, sports fields and outdoor gym. Also there is the children area and the elf village. This place is amazing for a day trip. The view from the tower is amazing and the nature is enchanting. The secret advice I will give you is to try the chocolate cake with mint cream.
Enjoy the summer and stay safe !
With love Ivana


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