Forest fairy tale and hidden waterfalls


Small and charming village Gostilje is located 25 km from the center of the famous serbian natural park mountain Zlatibor.
The jewel of the idyllic place, which according to the legend was named after the hospitality of its hosts, is a waterfall of fascinating beauty. This waterfall is one of the largest in Serbia, with a height of 20 meters and the surrounding nature that seizes it, makes it a perfect blend of a festive nature and a wild, fast water whose beauty is amazing.
This hidden place is a golden attraction that is worth visiting and enjoying in unique mountain scenes. Also according to the legend this waterfalls was the place villas have been bathing  and today visitors have unique opportunity to enjoy and experience the power of untouched nature. Rocks covered with moss from which water springs look fairy, and if you stop at the appropriate distance from the waterfall, you will enjoy a pleasant, natural cooling. Beautiful place to spend a day and relax.

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