Jordanian Embroidered West


Everyday Jordanian dress is generally conservative, particularly for woman. They are not allowed to wear tight clothes, sleeveless blouses, shorts, short skirts or low-cut backs on shirts or dresses. 
There are basically three styles of clothing for women in Jordan. Westernized woman dress in modern western clothes. Very religious woman wear and outfit called the libis shar`i or jilbab.
This is a floor-length, long -sleeved, button -front dress worn with the hair coverd by a scarf.
The third type of attire is the national costume. This is a handmade dress with embroidered and cross-stitched patterns that represent the region of the country that the wearer comes from. For example, in northern Jordan, woman wear black cotton dresses embroidered with multicolored tri angles. In central Jordan woman wear dresses mad from over sixteen yards (sixteen meters) of fabric, with sleeves measuring ten feet (three meters) in length. Blue panels are stitched around the sleeves and the hem of the dress. 
I love to buy and wear some items from national costume and to incorporate it with my clothes and style in Europe. I was always attracted to mix and match different influences in my every day style especially Middle East one. Their handmade traditional and contemporary costumes, jackets, dresses and vests have a wide range of motifs, colours and styles characterising the different ares of Palestine and Jordan and are made very beautiful.

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