Perfect day in Trastevere Rome, Italy // Caramella Restaurant 🇮🇹



Trastevere is one of Rome's most colorful areas and is often referred to as a "real Roman neighborhood." Its name means "across the river" and refers to its location on the west bank of the Tiber or Tevere in Italian. Trastevere was once an "insiders" neighborhood favored by working-class Romans and travelers who wanted to avoid the crowds and soak up some real local atmosphere. Well, the word is out and Trastevere is no longer an undiscovered pocket of Rome. And although rents may have gone up, within its maze of narrow streets and centuries-old piazzas, you can still get a taste of authentic Rome, and make your own discoveries–in hidden churches, Bijoux shops, small museums and lively bars and restaurants. 
My choice was Caramella Restaurant and their perfect tiramisu.
Enjoy Rome !

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