Travel diaries: Lavender Fields



The lavender plant belongs to the mint family, a flowering plant with a sweet floral fragrance.

Did you know that the lavender name was derived from the Latin word 'lavare', which means 'wash'? Lavender was also used as a holy herb in ancient times!

Lavender was a bath additive in regions like Persia, Rome, and Ancient Greece. These cultures used to believe that lavender helped to  purify the body and mind. It was also used in the preparation of tea for a soothing effect. Since ancient times, lavender has been extensively used to treat different ailments, including insomnia, headaches and skin problems.

 Lavender flowers symbolize spirituality, purity, silence, love, grace, serenity and calmness, also it symbolize love and romance.

I loved the time I spent in Lavender Fields working on this style editorial.

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