Fashion Diaries : The cutest Blouse


       “June suns, you cannot store them.”A.E.      Housman

Celebrating every new month can give you hope and stamina to celebrate every your day and you will spend it more perfectly!

My dear readers,you have a new post in front of you, I wish you a great day. I bring you a new summer outfit inspired by the cutest t-shirt I`ve ever bought.

 I really like the shades of golden yellow and purple. I was lucky enough to find and incredibly beautiful basket-bag in an unusaul and fantastic shape from a small Florentine brand, and I immediately fell in love. 

This is my perfect outfit for summer day in town. Even though I`ve been living in Belgrade for years, I still enjoy discovering new hidden beautiful places and coffe shops with their gardens located between buildings. 

This one is simple and lovely with beautiful jungle murals and ice coffe is great. These were snippets of my day,

With love,


Skirt Reserved, Shirt Zara Disney colaboration_bag Boondewa (instagram shop)_shoes Zara_sunglasses Tom Ford





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