Autumn is a beautiful time of year


Autumn is a beautiful time of the year! The beauty of autumn is undeniable. From the brilliant oranges, reds and yellows of the changing leaves to the crisp air and falling temperatures — everything about this season seems to scream “fall in love with this season.” However, there are some people who don't like autumn for various reasons. I am not among them.
Why do I love autumn?
It might be because autumn is considered a temporal landmark, a psychological concept that refers to events also my birthdays is in october that change how I see time. It make me  feel more motivated to take on new challenges and enjoy the bounty of the season.The best way to start welcoming the autumn vibes is to switch up your colour pallet to get in some of those gorgeous, warm autumnal hues. Add fall-inspired hues as accents, like dark reds, deep greens, gold accents, and earthy tones. 
Fashion changes and layered dressing is at our disposal. Beautiful tones and soft and warm materials. I always have the most beautiful collaborations and great projects during autumn. You have an autumn fairy tale in front of you.
With Love,

Location : Studio Porodična fotografija
Photographer: Radomir Ajduković
Dress Monsson_Cardigan Zara_boots Isabel Marant_necklace Oxette_watch Cavalli_ring Noah Noah


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