Amman Postcard an unexpectedly colourful city


Amman is a city of contrast where is the most beautiful and most anticipated collision of old and new. Ancient Roman ruins, maze and souk streets, cafes with Arabic specialties, traditional Arabic coffee or tea, small workshops, bustle and crowds of city life, across the hilly landscape invite travelers of all sorts to explore and find hidden treasures of this city.
Aman's background is reflected in the diversity of people and architecture. The architectural tapestry of this city is unusual and surprising and is home to many mosques and churches, so you will find even in the ultramodern trading part of the city evidence of it`s ancient roots, cultural museums and monuments that paint a picture of the history of this region. I have met this city slowly every time from the other side which gave me the opportunity to look at if from as many angles and to surprise each time. My first impression was the crowd, the hustle and the bustle of people, the noise, and the colorfulness, there were so many colours incorporated in old architecture. Most of the buildings are built of local white stone according to which the city carries a nickname white city. In the all city parts you will unexpectedly find a large number of murals painted over the facades of buildings, colorful stairs and street art that will greatly appeal to you and give a completely new charm to the traditional district.

Location: Al Shamasi Stairs Al Balad, Amman Jordan
Photography : Irena Bajceta
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