3 Best Places to visit in AMMAN Old Town, Jordan


Wherever we go and travel our experiences are colored by what we know and what we expect from our journey. Forget everything you think you know, and leave all your prejudices at home, because only then you will be ready to learn a lot and be surprised and enchanted by what you can experience.
Amman is a city of contrast in which you can expect the most beautiful and the most anticipated collision of old and new. Ancient Roman ruins, bazaar maze, cafes with Arabic specialties, traditional Arabic coffe or tea, small workshops, crowds of city life, as well as hilly landscapes that invite travelers of various interests to explore and find hidden treasures of this city.
The rich history of Amman is reflected both in the diversity of people and in it architecture.The architectural rug of this city is unusal and surprising, and this this city is home to many mosques and churches, so in the center of the ultramodern trade section of the city you will find evidence of it`s original sources, musemums and monuments that paing a picture of the history of the region.  

Have I intrique you enough to pack your bags and go with me on this journey through Jordan ?
The old center of Amman, the heart of the city Al Balad is part of the city that you must visit!
It is a place where you will feel  the pulse of the city and it`s vibrating energy as you walk along the interwoven streets. It is located at the foot of numerous hills, serving as reference points for different districts, and at the highest of them is located the Amman Citadel my favorite place in the city. The former fortress is surrounded by a 1700-meter-long wall that has been reconstructed and reconstructed through various historical epochs. There is plenty to see here, but the most intresting sights are the Herculean Temple and the Umayada Palace, as well as the museum and the remains of the maze. At the foot of the two huge pillars that are the remains of the Herculean shrine, there are also two hands extending from the earth as a reminder of the power of this mythological hero. From there, there is an amazing view of the city center and it`s architecture.
In this part of the city there are the most beautiful bazaars and small domestic work shops, spice shops, small traditional bars, bakeries and delicacies and of course the inevitable King Hussein Mosque, one of the oldest in the country. It is recognizable by it`s gentle pink and white stone facades behind  which are beautiful mosaics hidden in the interior. After spending some time watching  this magnificent building of Islamic architecture, you can calmly continue to wander in any direction, because wherever you choose to go from this amazing mosque, you will find your way into a small and charming streets.
After a break, (rich arabic coffe or knafeh is a perfect excuse for a little break in some traditional caffe) we continue to wander through the old part of Amman city until we  get to the gate of the largest building - The Roman Theater. This magnificently renovated theater is the most obvious remnant of the Roman Emipire and this place  is the most popular sightseeing point for all tourists. The stage itself rely on the northern side of the hill and has a capacity of 6,000 places, and today many different types of folklore games and programes are organized here so it is a beautiful opportunity to see and attend.

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