All journeys has secret destinations


" All journeys has secret destinations of which the traveler is unawere."
Martin Buber
 I visite the old town of Bar almost forgotten place, but so charming and beautiful located in the southeast of Montenegro. Over the centuries this small town was taken by the Venetians, the Hungarians and the Ottoman Empire. History of this place is very intresting but today this town lies in ruins. New city of Bar was build down by the water near Adriatic sea and has become  an importan port for the country of Montenegro.
The old town and it`s remains is about an hour walk up a hill in the mountains. It has never been repaired but now a lot of restoration work is taking place to bring some of it glory days and now days it is a must see tourist spot. Shops with local products like olive oil, honey, and other crafts, restaurants, coffe bars have appeared around the old fortifications and it is a great place to visit and make a step back in history. But the original town will never be inhabited again because there is to much history to be preserved. There is a great musem and amazing view so it should find a place at your travel list.
Restaurant "Kaldrma" itself is a great reason to visit this place. The tasty food made from local ingredientes  with a modern twist, friendly staff and wonderful atmosphere of old town make this place such a great choice.

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