Piazza di Spagna, Rome, Italy 🇮🇹


Rome, this amazing city attracts the attention of 7 to 10 million
toursit a year, and how not when modern Rome has 280 fountains,
and more than 900 churches  and museum entirely devoted to pasta.
Incredibly! For those who love sweet flavours, there is the legendary
specialty of tiramisu and of course gelato (italian ice cream). So you 
can easily make an amazing list of things to see and visit and taste in 
eternal city of Rome. Pizza, sweets, Vatican city and Sistine chapel as
as a special gem, history of this city and its legends. You can not resist
to love and like and enjoy Rome.
The very origin of this city is associated with one of the most
famous legend. According to the legend the city was founded by 
Romulus, the son of Raya Silvia and god Mars.Intriguing! 
Now I won`t tell you the rest of the legend. We already had our first stop 
in Rome in my previous post, we visited the most famous fountain 
Trevi Fountain. It is time for us to continue our exploring. Let`s go!
As time goes by in this charming city it becomes more and more appealing 
to me because the list of its pearls and treasures is not getting shortter even 
though I make an effort to see and explore everything I was reading and 
watching about. I find new places every day, the hidden corners of a charming city. 
After a delicious cappucino and crispy croissant  we are going to visit the culutral 
heritage of Rome- Spanish Square. It is one of the undoubtedly the most famous 
Roman squares  with stairs leading to the church Trinita dei Monti. This place got 
its name buy nearby building where was Spanish Embassysince  1653, so the territory
around was considered the property of Spain and hence the square its name.
An imaginative combination of 135 foot staircases, the Salustian obelisk and 
beautiful church attracts tourist and photographers to visit this place. Also the view 
from the top of the stairs is beautiful and well worth the effort. 
The Trinita dei Monti church dominates the square from above. The stairs go down 
from the church in a symetrical irregular shape to a square decorated with teracces and 
divided into 12 different zones. At the very foot of the stairs is the Barcaccia fountain. 
Beautiful place <3
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