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A lavish urban getaway or a rich cultural experience? You can have the best of both worlds in Dubai! Apart from the awe-inspiring megastructures, Dubai is also known for its well-preserved historical sites. The city's culture and traditions can be strongly felt in its HEART; right in the bank of the saltwater creek where all the success stories started.

The old town neighborhood is definitely worth a stroll, and is a real departure from what you see in the rest of Dubai with giant skyscrapers, mega-malls, and over the top opulence. It is not glamorous or polished, but certainly feels more authentic.

 Dubai Creek 

Adjacent to Deira Grand Souk is Dubai Creek; a saltwater creek that holds a great portion of Dubai's history. The creek served as a fishing area, a pearling site and a gateway for traders before oil was discovered. Now, Dubai Creek is a top tourist attraction in Old Dubai. Despite the modern transportation system in the city, well-kept traditional wooden boats still dominate the waterway. For only a dirham, ride an Abra (wooden boat) at Deira Old Souk Station. The short boat ride will take you to the other side of the creek; Bur Dubai.      
Heritage Village Dubai became a popular attraction in 1997. This heritage area is designed to showcase what life used to be like in Dubai and host regular heritage events. The Dubai Culture & Arts Authority owns the village, allowing visitors to see what the old homes looked like and what types of goods residents produced. Visitors can also learn more about local wildlife and marine life.

The Heritage Village is a living museum, with local artisans at hand who can demonstrate their crafts and answer questions that visitors might have about what they see. Potters are some of the most popular crafters, creating pottery using methods that are hundreds of years old. Weavers are also well-represented, producing items such as rugs and tapestries. All of the crafters in this area create items using methods hundreds or even thousands of years old and still very much in demand today.
The best itinerary to visit Dubai Old Town
  1. Start by going to Deira district and visit the famous souks.
  2. Take an Abra to cross Dubai Creek from Deira.
  3. You will arrive in Bur Dubai. ...
  4. Head to Hal Fahidi historical district and visit the Dubai Museum.

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